Authors, I’m Looking for Books to Review About Israel or Jewish History

Hi all:

I have written two books about Israeli history:

I know from hard experience how difficult it is to convince book bloggers to review books, especially if they are self published.

I want to help. And also, I would love to enter into conversations with you about marketing your books.

Therefore, please reach out to me if you would like me to review your book. I will require either a paperback copy or kindle eBook. However, if your book is short, I would be willing to read a PDF.

Cliff Sobin


Cost of Self-Publishing a Book with Many Pages

I will admit, when I first embarked on my book project, The Pivotal years: Israel and the Arab World 1966 – 1977. The Pivotal YearsI did not anticipate it would turn into an almost 1400 page project that would take several years to finish. Nor did I realize how much a new, self-publisher like myself needed to learn in order to make a manuscript available in print and eBook format. But now that I have published a kindle version that combines Volume One and Volume Two and a print version for Volume One (Volume Two will be available on-line in May), I thought some might be interested in the economics of this endeavor. So, I will break it down for you into four parts:

  • Cost of preparing the manuscript
  • Royalties for Kindle
  • Royalties for print publication
  • Final thoughts

Cost of Manuscript Production

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