About Me

I am a writer with a special interest in modern Israeli history and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Perhaps my strong interest in Israel originated with stories about my mother’s experience as a holocaust survivor. She was born in Austria, forced to move first to France and then Belgium, in an attempt, along with her parents, to avoid the Nazi onslaught. Her searing experience taught me to appreciate courage and determination and has had a significant impact on my worldview.

My father served in World War Two as a radio operator on transport planes flying supplies from India to China over the “hump” (the Himalayan Mountains).  Subsequently he worked as an economist for the Federal Government and various related agencies.  His unstinting focus on honesty, fairness, and objective analysis has served as my most important guideposts throughout my life.

In 2014, I attended my first AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee)  meeting. I was astounded at the number of people with like mind that had gathered to learn more and work more in furtherance of America and Israel. In 2016, AIPAC named me to its National Council and from 2017-2018, although my primary home is in Maryland, I served as AIPAC’s Co-Chairperson for Wyoming where I have spent considerable time for the last two decades. Now, I also serve on the International Board for the Alma Research and Education Center in Tefen, Israel. I also have a special interest in Kibbutz Hanita, located on Israel’s border with Lebanon.

This is my personal blog.  My professional attorney bio can still be found on Berman, Sobin, Gross, Feldman, and Darby LLP’s website where I am Of Counsel and where I was its managing partner from its inception in 1991 until I retired in 2015. Within this blog you will find my personal views on various issues in the news, the Arab-Israeli conflict, Jackson Hole travel and Workers’ Compensation policy. I also will touch on miscellaneous topics involving sports, travel, books I have read, personal finance, etc. Nothing stated should be considered the views of any organization that I am affiliated with (including AIPAC , my former law firm and Alma).

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My Publications

Israel Related

Israel’s Struggle with Hezbollah: A War Without End. This book is available for sale as an Ebook or in hardback on Amazon.

Living in Heaven, Coping with Hell: Israel’s Northern BordersWhere Zionism Triumphed, the Kibbutz is Evolving, and the Pioneering Spirit Prevails. The book is available for sale as an Ebook or paperback on Amazon Kindle, paperback at IngramSpark, or Ebook at Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Ibooks and many other outlets.

The Pivotal Years: Israel and the Arab World, 1966-1977.  Both volumes are available for sale as an Ebook or paperback on Amazon.

Law Related

I authored a two-volume treatise on Maryland Workers’ Compensation  –  first published in 2008. It comprises more than 1400 pages of analysis, law, charts and sample case transcripts. It is published by West, a leading national publisher of legal books and is updated yearly. Each year I update the book with all new appellate cases and regulations promulgated during the prior year.

Jackson Hole Related

My Jackson Hole Favorites in the Summer, an Ebook devoted to travelling in the Jackson Hole area during the summeravailable on Amazon Kindle.

Database Design

Since June 2011, I have had eleven articles published in Inside Sesame — the leading publication devoted to Lantica’s Sesame database for customized business applications. For a complete list see my publications page.

Publications in Progress

  1. An ebook devoted to travelling in the Jackson Hole area during the winter.
  2. Yearly updates of my treatise on Maryland Workers’ Compensation.

Publications in Development

  1. A historical fiction concerning the settlement of Northern Israel, its history, and present life there.
  2. A historical fiction concerning the Etzion Block in 1948 and its re-settlement in 1967-1968.
  3. A policy book about workers’ compensation in the United States
  4. A book About the Yom Kippur War focusing on Tel Saki and the 188th brigade.

Other Blogs I Maintain

1)  Jackson Hole Favorites  –   A blog devoted to travelling in the Jackson Hole area.


  1. I am an approved blogger for the Times of Israel
  2. I am an approved blogger for Forward’s, The Scribe.

Speaking Engagement Subjects

  1. Talks to students and adults about my mother’s Holocaust survival story.
  2. Israel’s northern borders
  3. My book about Israel’s Pivotal Years: 1966-1973
  4. I have taught many continuing legal education courses for lawyers and have frequently conducted seminars regarding Workers’ Compensation issues for many Unions: including communication workers, firefighters, and civilian local government employees.  I have also testified on multiple occasions before the Maryland Legislature on Workers’ Compensation issues.


This is my personal blog. The opinions I express here are not those of AIPAC, Berman, Sobin, Gross, Feldman & Darby LLP, or any other organization or individual.  Although they may coincide with others, the opinions are only reflective of my personal views. I also make no representation as to the accuracy and/or validity of my writing or views and will not be liable for any losses, injuries or damages based on their use. I also cannot warrant or guarantee in any fashion that the information provided is current with present knowledge, including my own.  I encourage you to use independent judgment and corroborate any facts found within this blog.