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Living in Heaven, Coping with Hell—Israel’s Northern Borders: Where Zionism Prevailed, the Kibbutz Endures, and The Pioneer Spirit Remains is required reading for learning about, or visiting, Israel’s northern borders and the people living there. It’s a compelling story that answers why Israelis live in that dangerous region and reveals what they have overcome. Written in a conversational tone, this book details the establishment of isolated settlements in the region between the 1880s and 1938 and intimately profiles many who live there now. By coupling his extensive personal knowledge of the region with his expert grasp of Israeli history, Clifford Sobin skillfully weaves interviews with historical fact to highlight the region’s heroic past and challenging present.


Living in Heaven, Coping with Hell is a meticulously researched, deeply reported and compellingly written account of the unique challenges and remarkable resilience of the Jewish communities along Israel’s often precarious northern borders. Clifford Sobin seamlessly combines the big picture about the region’s history, politics, economics and culture with detailed profiles of individual Israelis who have built their homes and lives on the nation’s “periphery”. The book is a must-read for anyone interested in the transformation of the legendary kibbutz movement or about this often-misunderstood region of Israel in general.
-David Leach, author of Chasing Utopia: The Future of the Kibbutz in a Divided Israel

Clifford Sobin describes so well the experience of living on Israel’s Northern border from the standpoint of its inhabitants. His enthusiasm is quite contagious and his erudition impressive. After more than thirty-five years living in Galilee, I have learned a lot about my own region due to this book. The author takes you for an exciting trip where history, present, landscapes and people intertwine.
-Yuval Achouch, Ph.D, sociologist studying the current status of the kibbutz 


“This book is a real page turner. I could not put it down.”

“an incredibly well-researched, fascinating, and insightful read.”

“Clifford Sobin tells a compelling true story about the struggles, sacrifices and eventual successes of Jewish pilgrims moving to the far northern reaches of Israel.”

“Sobin conveys the historical events that shaped Israel’s northern borders in a way that is both compelling and detailed, but yet easy to read.”

The Pivotal years: Israel and the Arab World 1966 – 1977.

This two-volume work covers the turbulent period that began shortly before the Six Day War when it was almost impossible to envision a peaceful Middle East. It ends with the arrival of Anwar Sadat on Israeli soil at Ben Gurion Airport in 1977.

Events drive the narrative: sometimes days, weeks, or months apart – and sometimes separated by moments. It is a story of courage and fear, of struggle, of suspicion, and self-interest. It is Israel’s story of endurance. It is Egypt’s story of redemption. It is Syria’s story of rejection, and Jordan’s story of survival. It is also the story of a virulent Palestinian leadership growing in stature that used terror and cruelty for political purpose. And it is the story of the emergence of a settler movement with dreams of building new homes on ancient lands also claimed by others.

Selected Amazon Reviews

Never has an historical book been written in such a flowing manner.”  -S. Schenker

An amazingly thorough and well written account of the history of Israel during a time of great turmoil and uncertainty.” -J. Sklaver

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