Saturday, May 16 – Clifford Sobin will be leading a virtual discussion about the movie Saul & Ruby’s  Holocaust  Survivor  Band.Saul & Ruby's Holocaust Survivor Band









Friday, May 15 – Clifford Sobin will be having a virtual conversation with Jackson Hole Middle School students about Malvine Sobin’s experience surviving the Holocaust.


Monday, March 16
Book Talk by JHJC Member Cliff Sobin
“Living in Heaven, Coping with Hell: Israel’s Northern Borders” 
7 p.m. / JHJC in the Centennial Bldg / Free
Book Talk by Cliff Sobin, author of Living in Heaven, Coping with Hell: Israel’s Northern Borders-Where Zionism Triumphed, the Kibbutz is Evolving, and the Pioneering Spirit Prevails
This book explores why Israelis live in this dangerous region, how they got there, and illuminates the challenges they face. By intimately profiling many of its current residents, Cliff tells of the rise, demise, and renewal of the kibbutz; of entrepreneurs; of enduring katyushas, tunnels, and terrorism; and most of all-the soul of a people. There, along those borders, is the Israel he grew up loving, the Israel he reveres today, and the Israel that can bind Jews rather than divide them.