Cliff SobinMy name is Cliff Sobin and I have a strong interest in Israeli history. I also am a part-time resident of Jackson Hole, and a database designer. I retired from the practice of law in order to pursue my passion to learn, educate, and create. Projects I am presently working on include:

  • The Pivotal Years – Israel and the Arab World: 1966 to 1977. This full length book is a comprehensive history of four wars, political intrigue, terrorism and the rise of the PLO, the beginning of the settler movement, a biased United Nations, the oil weapon, and the path to peace one Arab leader travelled. Despite the book’s scope, it is designed for the reader to be able to digest the information in bite sized portions in a compelling format. The entire book is now available as an eBook on Amazon as is Volume One in print. Volume Two be published on Amazon in June, 2017.

My Jackson Hole Favorites in the Winter – This is a companion eBook to My Jackson Hole Favorites in the Summer available on Amazon. I focus on the things I like to do and continue to do, not on what the guidebooks tell you. I also equip the reader with practical information on how to make the most of their trip to Jackson Hole. This eBook will be available December 15, 2014.

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