Three Books I Read in September 2017

The Vanishing American Adult: Our Coming of Age Crisis – And How to Rebuild a Culture of Self-Reliance – Authored by Ben Sasse

This book by Republican Senator Sasse, is an absolute must read. I don’t agree with many of Senator Sasse’s political positions, but I absolutely agree with his views on parenting young adults. It is a wake-up call that diagnoses the malady and prescribes a solution. It is sure to provoke you and force you to think about the issues he raises and how he suggest remedying them.

Soldiers of Jerusalem – Authored by Uzi Narkiss

Narkiss was a true hero of Israel. I always knew he was central commander during the 1967 war and led the units that retook Jerusalem. I did not realize all else he did on behalf of Jerusalem. This memoir of a lesser known leader in the IDF is well-worth reading.

The Netanyahu Years – Authored by Ben Caspit

This is the second biography that I have read about Netanyahu that has a clear bias against the Prime Minister. On top of that, the translation from Hebrew to English left something to be desired. Nevertheless, I recommend reading it. Why? Because it brought to my attention many issues that Netanyahu faced. Even though the author seemed to make every effort to place his subject in a bad light as he navigated around his problems, he did not always succeed. The bottom line is that reading the book made me realize that Netanyahu is complicated, flawed, but also immensely capable. The immensely capable part was not what the author intended me to learn from his prose, but his failure to provide a complete accounting of how Netanyahu surmounted many of the challenges he faced coupled with the fact that the author could not escape that somehow Netanyahu did so. It is hard to believe that he was always as nefarious as the author suggests. So, I was left wanting to learn more. That makes the book a success despite its flaws.

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