Four Books I Read in October 2017

Three Minutes to Doomsday: An agent, A traitor, and the worst espionage breach in US history – Authored by Joe Navarro. 

This is the gripping story of how Joe Navarro, an FBI agent, uncovered an espionage ring that severely undermined the security of the United States and the Western World. Chapter by chapter, you will be enthralled and amazed by how Navarro step-by-step successfully earned the confidence of a traitor and got him to reveal his conduct Along the way, you will also be treated to insights regarding how the FBI operates and is structured with regard to counter-intelligence activity. I heartily recommend this book.

Conscience of a Conservative: A rejection of Destructive Politics and a Return to Principles – Authored by Jeff Flake

This short book is a must read, no matter your politics. I don’t agree with many of Senator Flake’s political views, but I completely agree with his focus on respectful politics. Writing the book took courage and probably cost him the support he would have needed to run a successful re-election campaign. But that is precisely why the book is important. Leaders must tell the truth no matter the cost. Flake did and has paid the price.

What Happened – Authored by Hillary Clinton

I purchased this book because I wanted to hear what she had to say through her own words as opposed to her supporters or detractors. Unfortunately, what her failure to delve deeply into herself was far more revealing than what she chose to highlight. Of course, she admitted to some of her own failures. But then she spent far too little time being introspective or discussing how they impacted her. Instead, she pivoted to many of the themes that one would expect: FBI Director Comey, bias against women, the state of politics in America, etc. I suppose it is for historians to uncover the innerworkings of Hillary Clinton’s mind. It is a shame that she would not do so herself. It would have gone a long way towards improving her reputation and creating a model for retrospective candor.

Unbelievable: My Front-Row Seat to the Craziness Campaign in American History – Authored by Katy Tur

A light read and a heavy subject. I learned much about the Trump campaign and the candidate himself. But equally interesting, was what I learned about the challenges a reporter faces covering a presidential campaign.

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