Seven Books Cliff Sobin Finished Reading in June

Struggling Over Israel’s Soul – Authored by Elazar Stern

This is an outstanding and fascinating memoir about how retired General Stern remained true to his orthodox beliefs with carrying out his leadership responsibilities in the IDF.

Israel’s Critical Requirements for Defensible Borders – Edited by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

An important contribution to understanding Israel’s fundamental security needs in any future negotiations.

Encounters of Fate: Heartbreak and Hope – Authored by David Yair

A rather hokey, but engaging, historical fiction that spans multiple decades beginning with the Holocaust. I can’t say it is a great book, but I was not able to put it down.

For heaven’s Sake: Squadron 101 and the Yom Kippur War – Authored by Aviram Barkai

This book honors those that fought in the skies to save Israel’s soldiers and civilians on the ground. I can’t recommend it enough.

A History of Scotland – Authored by Neil Oliver

While in Scotland for 2 weeks I started reading this book. All though it gets repetitive at times, that is not the author’s fault, it is more the tragic nature of Scottish history. I wish I had read it before I arrived in Scotland because it would have made a great trip even better.

An America Sickness – Authored by Elizabeth Rosenthal

This book has forever changed my views concerning the health care debate. Written by a New York Times reporter who is also a physician, it details the egregious problems that exist in each component of the medical industry in America.

How to Market a Book – Authored by Joanna Penn

A surprisingly good book on the subject.

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