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Eating Crow and Putting My Country First

Those that know me are well aware that although certain aspects of Trump intrigued me, I felt that the existential risks of a Trump presidency outweighed the potential benefit. However, that discussion is over. Donald Trump will be my president and yours. He is deserving of my support unless he proves otherwise (as was President Obama for whom I voted in 2008 but could no longer do so in 2012). And, most importantly, as is true for any incoming President, he is deserving of America’s support.

Nor has President-elect Trump done anything since the election that would disqualify him from receiving that support. Sure he has made some choices for Cabinet and other positions that I am unhappy with. Sure I wish his tweets would be more reflective. But equally surely, he has made some choices that I consider acceptable or even excellent. And, his positions on certain issues, especially Israel, are much more representative of my own.

Clearly our new president will be a departure from the norm. Where that departure will lead us remains to be seen. However, there is value in questioning every aspect of how are government has operated and there is some promise that Trump’s approach will lead to something better. Am I still worried? For sure. But I am also determined to not stand in the way of positive change. I refuse to let my fears manifest in obstructiveness and close-mindedness that would harm rather than help. I also refuse to discount the reasons Trump was elected. They are, and were, valid and entitled to respect, no less so than the concerns that drove those who voted for Clinton.

I say this because before politics and party I am an American. I choose always to lean towards thinking the cup is half full rather than half empty. I choose to favor compromise with, and respect for, the views of others. My goal is for our country to move forward. It cannot do so unless the discourse that divides us becomes less powerful than the democratic values that bind us. That is our obligation to our fellow citizens, our children, and to future generations.

So, for now, place me in the hopeful and optimistic camp. I would like nothing more than experiencing the taste of eating crow turn pleasurable.